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Connecting Devices

JiniTM Connection Technology from Sun Microsystems is a next-generation technology that will create a new world of network-connected devices, including healthcare devices. With Jini, each device will provide services that other devices in the Jini community may use. When a Jini device is plugged in, the program “announces” its presence to the rest of the network, transmitting data about its capabilities to every other device. Those other devices respond back, and the user can then take advantage of the connection.

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) from Microsoft is an architecture for pervasive peer-to-peer network connectivity of PCs, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices. UPnP is a networking architecture that leverages the Web to enable seamless networking among networked devices in the home, office, and everywhere in between.

UPnP technology will be part of Microsoft's .Net initiative. Quite simply, .NET is Microsoft's platform for XML Web services. XML Web services allow applications to communicate and share data over the Internet, regardless of operating system or programming language.

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Some Current Solutions

Spacelabs Medical uses their own proprietary interfaces that allow clinicians to interface any compatible device with the patient monitor and monitoring system, unifying information, easing documentation, and enhancing alarm response. Any device manufacturer can work with Spacelabs Medical to incorporate the protocol into their device and provide these capabilities to hospitals and clinicians.

Using existing monitoring devices, PatientNetTM by VitalCom enables caregivers to view patient vital sign data in real-time wirelessly or via the Internet. Transmitting in the new protected medical band, PatientNet ensures safe wireless transmissions of monitored patient information, so that healthcare providers can make more informed decisions from home, office, or anywhere.

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Bluetooth - 3G Wireless

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless local area network that facilitates communications between enabled devices within 35 feet of each other. Bluetooth enables users to connect a wide range of computing and mobile phone devices easily and simply, without the need to buy, carry, or connect cables. Bluetooth users literally can synchronize all of their enabled devices simply by entering the room.

Current wireless data services operate at no more than 14.4Kbps, not even close to the bandwith required for running Internet-based applications. The 3G (for 3rd generation) specification will offer speeds between 384Kbps and 2Mbps. This opens up the availability for multimedia services, including videoconferencing and streaming video.

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Intelligent Agents

A new generation of intelligent software agents are about to arrive, capable of managing and organizing information, recognizing personal tastes, and making increasingly important decisions on behalf of their owners. The agent revolution represents an extraordinary opportunity for business and technical people who understand it. Agent technology is becoming increasingly adaptable, mobile, transparent, accountable, rugged, user-centered, and autonomous.

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