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Quantum Computing

Computers that tap the bizarre properties of subatomic particles might calculate with awesome speed.

Fuel Cells

A Hydrogen full cell combines hydrogen and oxygen in a chemical reaction that generates electricity.

Breakthrough Technologies


  1. What are the five most important breakthrough technologies  of the last 25 years?

My choices seem to be very current technologies, but actually, they have been in development for many years.

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Or DWDM, this technology divides white light into many different frequencies, and increases the bandwith of one optical fiber strand.

Electronic paper, Flexible transistors

Transistors can be embedded in plastics and other materials. Electronic paper made from e-ink and be reused for printing. Thin polymer materials that are flexible can be computer displays.


This is a wide area of breakthroughs, headed by the Human Genome Project. We will be able to create drugs for individual patients, advance Biometrics (identifying individuals by specific biological traits), Biochips or DNA Chips (analyze thousands of genes at a time for better diagnostics and treatments), and Microfluidics (controlling tiny volumes of fluids thousands of times smaller than a dewdrop, to automate key experiments for genomics and pharmaceutical development).

Fullerenes, carbon nanotubes

The building blocks for Nanotechnology, or tiny machines that can manipulate materials at the molecular level.

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