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Emerging Technologies

In the last five years the Web has changed the way we disseminate information, gain knowledge, and provide healthcare.  Even though the healthcare industry has yet to fully realize the potential of the Internet, the Web is only the beginning.  Several emerging technologies will be changing the rules again. Network device connectivity technologies, such as Sun Microsystems JiniTM Connection Technology and Microsoft's Universal Plug and Play, will network-enable all healthcare devices. Together with faster, new wireless technologies, new devices will be designed, and the adoption rate of mobile, handheld computers in healthcare will grow feverously. Intelligent, autonomous, software agents that guide the patient through the continuum of care, will extend the reach of healthcare providers to all places at all times. 

The complete paper on this topic has been published in the March 2001 issue of Managed Care Interface magazine, a peer-reviewed journal for executives and leaders in the Managed  Healthcare industry. For reprints of the article, click on the logo below.

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Matsushita, the Japanese parent company of Panasonic, demonstrated last year a toilet that analyzes your health status based on weight, body fat, and other personal characteristics. From there, the toilet may either update the grocery list already in progress on your electronic fridge, save the information in your family medical records on your home server, or instantly send a note to your doctor that it might be time for you to come in for a cholesterol check.


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