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A physician wrote a letter to the editor of a healthcare technology magazine. He was concerned about the increasing number of technology vendors who sell products to physicians. He stated that doctors should not let companies like Healtheon/WebMD dictate what eHealth technologies physicians should use. Rather, he proposed that physicians should form their own eHealth services company. This confirmed my belief in my eHealth business concept.

eHealth Business Plan

What is the Target Market

This is a physician-owned eHealth Services Organization (eHSO). The Owners and Directors, and end users  of the products and services of this business plan is every M.D. and D.O., whether in an outpatient or acute care setting. Also, other healthcare providers such as Podiatrists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Counselors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, etc., or any provider that needs to perform electronic transactions and use eHealth technologies in a provider network setting. In addition to physicians, revenue will come from the long list of businesses that wish to sell products and services to the healthcare providers. They will become partners in this venture. And finally, with the creation of a physician-owned health plan, the target market will include all those who purchase healthcare coverage.

Customer Pipeline

Individual healthcare providers who are active in eHealth technologies will want to be the early members of this organization, whether as equity partners, or as one who pays membership fees. But the most efficient strategy to make this concept a success is when a complete network of providers become members at the same time. One strategy to achieve this goal is to buy one or more of the many struggling physician associations (IPA’s) across the country.  An IPA management company could be formed to work closely with the associations that want to retain ownership. There are other strategies to grow the customer base,

Business Plan

Products and Services
Partnerships, Competition

The organization that physicians trust most is their specialty associations, such as the American College of Cardiology. These associations can provide the collaborative leadership in eHealth that physicians are looking for.


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