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With most of these services in place, a physician-owned health plan will be created. This is what the physicians really want most Ė control of their own practice.

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A completely personalized web-based application that helps healthcare providers and their office managers purchase and manage ehealth products and services.  The physicianís application will resell the most advanced ehealth products and services. It will promote the ehealth products and services that find their greatest value when used by a network of providers, i.e., web-based scheduling shared by all providers in the network, credentialing services, clinical trials, connections to payers, healthcare facilities, labs, pharmacies, etc. The venture will develop its own products and services in areas that are not yet served, such as medical device connection services using Sun Microsystemís Jini Connection Technology, or healthcare management services for providers and patients using Intelligent Agent technology. The application will provide for a physician community, where providers can exchange ideas on product and service preferences, or be part of an advisory council on one of many subjects. The application will provide HIPAA services, and share the cost with all of the providers in the network. Other services the venture can provide are high-bandwith networks that connect providers with hospitals and other facilities, ASPís for practice management applications and EMRís, wireless devices and mobile applications, remote computer support, security, electronic transactions with health insurance payers, a medical data warehouse directed by the patientís physician to instill trust, integration with medical supply portals like Global Healthcare Exchange, off-shore captive liability insurance products, used-equipment auctions, computer training for the staff, localized eHealth conferences with vendor partners, and physician practice and provider network branding and marketing.

Business Plan

Products and Services
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To be successful with the target market, the venture should be presented as mostly physician-owned, with outside investor(s) to partner with the physicians.


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