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I attend events for healthcare and general business CIO’s. They are the National Managed Health Congress Chief Executives Summit, the World IT Congress, the National Healthcare Congress, and the Physicians Computer Connection Symposium. I have been part of the program for all these events. I have given stand-alone presentations, moderated CIO panel discussions, and led roundtable discussions. I have served and still serve as an Advisory Board member for these events. Other events I have attended include the Lawson Business Week Healthcare CIO Summit, InformationWeek Fall Conference, the ICM Congress E-Business Summit,  and The Next Twenty Years program for Medicine.

I have had a paper published in the September, 2000 issue of Managed Care Interface magazine. The title was “The Changing Role of the Healthcare CIO”. My main argument for the article was that the Healthcare CIO is changing from a technology leader to a business strategy and enterprise leader. The same publication has published a second paper of mine in their March 2001 issue. I wrote on the topic “Emerging Technologies in Healthcare and the Patient Encounter of the Future”. This paper includes a discussion on Sun’s Jini Connection technology and Microsoft’s Universal Plug and Play technology, and how they will connect every monitoring and medical device to a network, whether by VPN or the Internet. I also review the Bluetooth wireless technology, and how Intelligent Agent technology might be used in Healthcare. I conclude with how these technologies might change the patient-doctor experience.

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I have lived in the country of the Netherlands (Holland) for two years.  I learned to speak and write fluent Dutch. I also studied German and French.


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